2019 ProShare Annual Conference

ProShare Conference - Thursday 3rd October 2019

With a bustling marketplace full of exhibitors, a thought-provoking and insightful range of content delivered through keynote, plenary and break-out
sessions, and top-notch hospitality, it remains the UK share plans industry’s ‘must-attend’ event for share plans professionals.

The conference theme this year is ‘Bridging Divides’.
Employee share ownership (‘ESO’) started life more than a hundred years ago as a means principally of bridging the divide between the owners of capital and the providers of labour. That ESO has evolved and endured to this day is testament to its power to align interests, and share success and wealth amongst those whose expertise and labour helped to create it. In a world – both virtual and real – where divisions and differences seem to be emphasised over similarities and common ground, what role could ESO now play in bridging these divides? How can we ensure that best practices are shared across teams, siloes, industries, geographies and ESO related disciplines? And how can we foster the broader adoption of ESO as a uniting, inspiring force for good in our companies, our communities and our country?

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