Annual Awards 2019 


Before nominating please do read our Criteria for Nominations which includes a list of this year’s updated award categories and thresholds. This will enable you to ensure you meet all of the criteria for each category you are entering. Please note the deadline for nominations is strictly 11.59pm on the 12 September 2019

To submit an entry in the ProShare Annual Awards:

1. Choose which category or categories you would like to enter.
2. Write your submission following the judging criteria detailed on the award categories page.  
3. Complete the entry form and submit it by the deadline for entries.
4. Please ensure you have an EPS logo of the company being nominated as you will not be able to complete your submission without it.

Best of Luck!  
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Do you know an Employee Share Plans Champion?
Chances are that if you've worked in the share plans industry for even a couple of years, the answer is going to be a resounding YES.
So why not nominate your personal champion for ProShare's ESP Champion of the Year award? There can't be a nicer way to acknowledge the guidance, leadership, inspiration and expertise of a figure in the industry who's taken time to help you and/or help people whom you know.
To nominate an ESP Champion, email your nomination to awards@proshare.org


Annual Awards Winners 2018

Award categories Thresholds Highly Commended Winner
Best New Share Plan - Skyscanner Springfield Properties
Best International Share Plan -   Rolls-Royce
Most Effective Communication of an Employee Share Plan Up to 5,000 employees Smiths Group The Vitec Group
  5,001 – 50,000 employees   RBS
  50,001+ employees Asda Rolls-Royce
Best Employee Share Plan Outcome Following a Major Corporate Change -   Skyscanner
Most Effective Use of Technology - Novartis International Aviva
Best Financial Education Initiative for Employees -   CVS Group
Best Overall Performance in Fostering Employee Share Ownership Up to 5,000 employees Kainos Group Skyscanner
  5,001 – 50,000 employees   EasyJet
  50,001+ employees   Royal Mail
Employee Share Plans Champion of the Year -   Elena Petrou
Services to Employee Share Ownership -   Robin Kerner


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