ProShare SAYE & SIP Report 2020

ProShare SAYE and SIP Report 2020

The ProShare SAYE & SIP Survey 2020 report is the first extensive report to demonstrate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these key all-employee share plans. Pulling together data from 420 company SAYE plans and 430 company SIPs, no other survey covers as much of the UK share plans market as this report, which makes it an ideal tool for benchmarking plans against good practice and market trends.

The data underpinning this report relates to the period 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

  • Companies included in the SAYE survey
  • Companies with SAYE and SIP
  • Total number of Sharesave Accounts (with live options still attached)
  • New SAYE plans and invitations in 2020
  • Invitations affected by COVID-19
  • New SAYE grants in 2020
  • Average eligibility period
  • Average monthly savings: new grants in 2020
  • Average monthly savings: across all contracts
  • Participants saving the maximum
  • Monthly savings: by industry
  • Current year take-ups (2020)
  • Scale backs and caps
  • Take-up: by industry
  • Discounts offered by companies
  • Maturities
  • Retention
  • Application options
  • Employee application methods
  • SAYE beyond the UK
  • Support routes offered by companies / administrators to employees
  • The SIP survey
  • SIP survey methodology
  • Companies included in the SIP survey
  • Companies by type
  • UK and overseas breakdown
  • Incidence of SIP and SAYE in 2020
  • Average SIP value per employee
  • Type of shares offered
  • Most popular combinations offered
  • Overall employee participation
  • Free shares
  • Free shares: eligibility / service period required for awards in 2020
  • Free shares: regularity of awards
  • Average acceptance/take-up by sector
  • Free share award value
  • Average Free share value per employee by sector
  • Weighted average monthly amount contributed during 2020
  • Matching shares
  • Matching shares – forfeiture
  • Matching shares – basis for match
  • Dividend shares
  • General administration
  • Regularity of statements sent out in 2020
Gender breakdown is included in the above data where possible.

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