I CAN Seeking Corporate Charity Partners - March 2019

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Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in the UK

SLCN is the most common childhood condition that no-one has ever heard of – but 1.4 million children and young people in the UK have a persistent language disorder they will not grow out of. That’s two or three children in every classroom.

These children will have difficulty understanding words and instructions, find it hard to articulate their ideas or have conversations with their peers or other adults.

They will also find it difficult to process their thoughts and manage their feelings. Most of these children will be in mainstream schools, labelled as “troubled” or “disruptive” because their needs have not been identified or supported. In short, there is a communication crisis facing our children.

The Scale of the Problem

- 1 in 10 children have SLCN; at least 2 or 3 in every classroom.
- Language disorder is seven times more prevalent than autism.
- In some areas of deprivation, 50% of children (occasionally more) start school without the language to learn.

About I CAN
I CAN exists to support these children. We are experts in helping them develop the speech, language and communication skills they need to thrive and fulfil their potential. Our mission is that no child should be left out, or left behind, because of difficulty speaking or understanding. We fulfil this mission through the following activities:

I CAN HELP is a free and confidential enquiry service for parents, carers or teachers who are concerned about their child’s speech and language development. It is the only helpline operated by a trained Speech and Language Therapist. It offers a first port of call to explore what the problem might be as well as providing invaluable emotional support, practical information and resources until an appropriate local service can be accessed.

Talking Point, our dedicated online resource also provides parents with a wealth of information and resources, including a progress checker to monitor their child’s development.

I CAN develops programmes which help to train staff in nurseries and schools, identify children with SLCN and develop their ability to communicate with friends, teachers and parents. Through a network of over 600 licensed tutors (experienced early years/education practitioners or speech and language therapists) we can help children from across the country.

I CAN also runs two specialist schools for the 1% of children who have the most severe and complex needs. Meath School in Surrey and Dawn House School in Nottinghamshire have both been rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted.

For more information, please see our latest impact report and accounts, website and take a peek at the short videos below to get a feel for our work. We are looking for new partners who share our passion for seeing children reach their potential.

Communication is crucial. You can help our children find their voice. When you’re ready, let’s talk.

I CAN video                                                                 Gaining a voice with Meath School

Let’s talk: Daniel Nicholls, Corporate Partnerships Manager, I CAN
Call: 0207 843 2561