Proshare Blog Shareforce- September 2020

By Michael Ketz, Managing Director at ShareForce

It’s 2020. If you’re managing share incentive schemes by manually punching numbers into spreadsheets, you may as well ask your finance team to price options with an abacus.

Clunky legacy software is clumsy, inefficient and insecure. It’s also really no fun to use. By contrast, the next generation of SaaS employee solutions makes share incentive scheme management faster, simpler and more efficient.

Automation also brings a host of additional benefits. Choosing the right specialist incentive scheme management solution will translate into substantial security enhancements, cost savings and priceless risk management improvements.

Easy in-house modelling

It’s no exaggeration to say that the ability to design and test incentive schemes as frequently as you need them is a revolutionary step forward.

With robust technology, it is now possible to run complex valuations and vesting calculations in-house, without a need to outsource the process to enormously costly third-party services. And because the systems are designed to be simple to use, there is no need to invest in expensive upskilling of in-house staff.

Say no to tedious admin

Managing share incentive schemes has traditionally involved a lot of paperwork, which often needs to be coordinated across departments. The day-to-day data administration processes, and routine tasks such as issuing grant letters and tracking acceptances can be error-prone and time-consuming.

Next generation SaaS solutions automate these processes, saving time, eliminating much of the tedium and greatly enhancing efficiency. Importantly, they also reduce the chance of human error, key-man dependency and other operational risks.

Instead of a disorderly constellation of spreadsheets and documents, dedicated share incentive management software means you now have a single, integrated data source, that can be accessed, managed or approved by multiple employees, across departments, at the office or working remotely.

More secure, from every angle

Effective automated systems reduce the chance of human error, which means no more risk of mailing sensitive information to the wrong recipient or filing errors.

Your data is more secure in terms of network infrastructure. Secure platforms and servers mean that data is stored in accordance with top industry standards. Importantly, information is never shared on unencrypted networks.

ShareForce provides you with a digital solution that make managing employee share incentive schemes faster, better, safer and more cost-effective. Give ShareForce a call to find out how our next generation SaaS solution can equip your business with the modern tools you need to stay competitive in the digital era.