Howells announce the introduction of a new IFRS2 Fair Value service

International Reporting Standard No2 requires a company to takes a charge in its Income Statement for the value of the share awards it makes. To do this the company needs to multiply the number of shares under an award by a ‘fair value’.

Howells have now introduced a new service providing fair value opinion. The new service complements other IFRS2 reporting solutions that Howells have provided to their clients for some time although Graham Ward-Thompson, Howells Deputy Chairman, stresses that the new service can be used just as easily by companies who do not use Howells for share plan administration.

‘This stuff isn’t particularly straight forward but over the past year or so we’ve developed our processes to support companies. A year ago “BS” and Monte Carlo meant something quite different to me!’ said Graham.

Graham says “over the next six to nine months you will be seeing a number of exciting developments from Howells …. watch this space!”

For further information, contact:
Graham Ward-Thompson
Howells Associates Ltd
+44 (0)7885 060 304