Awards spotlight on Financial Education - July 2019

AWARDS SPOTLIGHT – Education, Education, Education…

This month our Awards spotlight shines on the category for ‘Best Financial Education Initiative for Employees’.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that employees are making informed choices when it comes to their take-up of all types of workplace-related financial benefit, be that pensions, employee share plans, loans or other forms of benefit. But how should companies go about this, in a responsible and risk-managed way? What sort of third party provider(s) should be involved?

This ProShare award recognises the role that financial education can play in the workplace, in supporting employees to make informed decisions regarding their share plans and other workplace benefits. The timing of provision of financial education is also critical given that employees need to make decisions at key points in their working life e.g. buying their first home, ahead of retirement, when share awards mature/vest etc.

Judging criteria:
• Effective implementation with delivery utilising a range of employee-centred channels
• Clear explanation of the reason for the initiative
• Clarity on rationale for choice of third party provider
• Analysis of plan data to identify and ensure inclusion of eligible and under-represented employee groups
• Feedback from participants
• Data supporting decisions made and/or behaviours changed by participants immediately afterwards or as a direct result of their participation in the initiative.

Previous winners of this award include CVS Group, Aviva, Henderson Global Investors, Capita and Procter & Gamble.

Our online nominations system is open and awaiting your nominations! The deadline for entries is Friday 6 September 2019.

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