An Introduction from Murray Tompsett - October 2020

The past few weeks have given me a first taste of my new role as Head of ProShare, and I have to say, given that we are all working remotely, everything went very smoothly. There were no IT or ‘remote’ connection issues; I had instant access to the relevant systems and folders I needed; and Zoe had left me a very comprehensive 60 page handover document. I’m sure this all bodes very well for the future!

Just to provide a little background as to who I am: I first began working with share plans back at the start of 2005, when I joined the Executive Share Plan team at Capita. Over the next 7 years I worked in a variety of operational roles, before taking up my first ‘front of house’ position as a Client Relationship Manager. In early 2016 I started working in Equatex’s London office, and from there it was a short hop over to Computershare in December 2017.

I’m a fervent supporter of all varieties of share plans, particularly all-employee plans which I see as a genuine workplace benefit with the ability to make a real difference to their participants’ lives. These plans would seem to be even more pertinent today against the background and uncertainty of the current pandemic. The engagement of the entire workforce in responding to the unique challenges, and driving the success of the firms and businesses where they work, will be key over the coming months. Share plans that are open to everybody help to demonstrate the importance and value that an employer sees in their full workforce, and in these situations, the phrase “We’re all in this together” really does hold true.

I’m looking forward to speaking with as many of our members and supporters as possible over the coming months, but in the meantime, please do feel free to get in touch via

-By Murray Tompsett, Head of ProShare