Our Gold Members

We offer a range of membership levels, designed to meet the needs and budgets of individuals and organisations involved in share plans. We are incredibly grateful for the support and insight from all our members. Below are ProShare's gold members, some of the largest organisations involved in share plans.


Manage international clients of varying sizes, and share plans containing up to 30,000 employees, offering all-employee share plans, executive, and discretionary plans. And we integrate plan administration and trustee capabilities using our regulated independent fiduciary services. This allows for a seamless, high-quality, and personal service that we believe sets us apart from other providers.

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Computershare is the world’s leading provider of specialist equity compensation and employee share plan services. We have been administering equity plans for more than 35 years, working with over half the FTSE 100 and DJStoxx50.
With over 1,200 experts in 21 locations around the world, our expertise spans all types of plan: global and country-specific, discretionary and all-employee. We are trusted partner to 1,500 clients with 3.7m participants.
Our technology, services and people come together to offer an integrated solution for the life of your share plans. At every step we strip away the complexities that come with the territory; regulation, tax, reporting, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and us to focus on delivering service excellence to your participants.

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There is no doubt that employee and executive share plans have a positive effect on staff engagement.
For nearly 40 years, Equiniti has provided a high quality, technology-driven service to businesses who use equity and wider benefits to recruit, engage and motivate their employees.
We work with a broad range of companies that have employee populations ranging from 30 to 300,000, located in 120 countries. We go beyond simply administering plans to the highest standards, working with clients to ensure their people understand the value of the benefit offered, are able to make informed personal decisions and achieve the highest possible participation rates.
With a core capability to handle scale and complexity, our talented people and integrated platforms deliver innovative market-leading employee equity services.
Our solutions cover four key areas: All employee share plans, Executive and discretionary share plans ,Trustee service and Creative design
Our technology-driven approach, combined with an extensive team of experienced, specialist staff, ensures that we deliver your share plan administration efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

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Fidelity provides sophisticated global equity compensation solutions to 440+ clients and 2m+ participants.
Why Fidelity? Product and service excellence, leading to the highest client loyalty and Net Promoter Score in the industry. Flexible global recordkeeping solutions; from full to partial outsourcing, including reporting and global tax management. Intuitive mobile and web experience for participants. Service in 150+ countries, materials in 14+ languages, live support in 8 languages, translation services in 200+ languages. A potential to seamlessly integrate other workplace benefits on a single platform.

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Global Shares

Global Shares logo

Whether you’re a startup or a global brand – or growing from one to the other - Global Shares has the solution to help you track your company’s ownership and manage your equity compensation plans, seamlessly.

Our cloud-based solution for early-stage and emerging companies makes issuing shares to investors and employees a straightforward experience. Our secure and easy to use software tool gives your employees, investors and stakeholders, unique personalised access to their equity.

With Global Shares’ enterprise solutions, you get our state-of-the-art admin and employee platforms, but you also get a team of experts to manage everything from plan administration to financial reporting, tax and regulatory considerations and everything in between.

As an employee-owned company, we understand how important it is to get equity compensation management right. That’s why we’ve spent more than a decade creating and perfecting a platform that simplifies the entire process for companies all over the world.

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As part of Link Group, helps connect people and their assets. We work with more than 2,500 clients, including asset managers and investors, business managers, asset owners, issuers and borrowers. We help capital flow through financial markets by processing £60bn in payments each year, and protecting more than £200bn in funds.
Corporate Markets, a business line of Link Group, offers share registration, share plan administration, investor relations, share investment, company secretarial support and treasury. We’re the UK’s largest share registrar – to more than 1,200 companies, including a quarter of the FTSE 100 and half the FTSE AIM 100.

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Morgan Stanley at Work

Morgan Stanley at Work provides scalable solutions to ease local and global implementation of share plans, so you can support every stage of your company’s growth and build a culture of ownership. With flexible solutions to manage your plans your way, insightful reporting that makes informed decisions easy and simple-to-use applications no matter where in the world they’re used, we help your workforce feel more connected. Build a culture of ownership.

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