2020 ProShare Annual Conference


 ProShare's first ever virtual conference content will be assembled around a central theme of ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’. Our aim in setting an overall theme is firstly to help set share plans in a broader context and secondly, to set the scene for the inclusion of content on emerging and topical subjects with an impact on share plans. 

Employee share ownership (‘ESO’) started life more than a hundred years ago as a means of sharing wealth between the owners of capital and the providers of labour. That ESO has evolved and endured to this day is testament to its power to align interests and share success and build camaraderie among global workforces. In challenging times and an ever-changing world, what role could ESO now play in rebuilding global economies and supporting and empowering workforce communities to work together?

Our virtual conference, including all main sessions and networking, are delivered via our conference app. Once you have secured your place at the event, you will be sent instructions on how to download the app.

In order to enjoy the whole conference experience, you should make sure you have the app downloaded and enabled before the event starts.

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